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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17th July 2021 ATBA Today’s Episode Spoilers Written Update


As you all know that the show has reached a very dramatic turn and everything happening is just unexpectedly therefore here you will get the complete today episode. The latest episode begins with, Rani showing the picture of that patient asking Rajeshwari if she knows that, she further says that it’s a new patient in Veer’s hospital, she says that the man is saying that he has some relation with this family. Rajeshwari gets her phone and throws it on the floor and breaks it she says strictly not to show a blank screen ever to waste her time.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17th July 2021 ATBA Today's Episode Spoilers Written Update

Rajehswari says that Nandini is coming tomorrow and she does not want any trouble on this auspicious day. She leaves, Vikram meets her and he asks about what she was showing her, she replies that it is a patient in Veer’s hospital. She tells him that the man is reacting on Rajwat’s name, and asks him if he knows? she shows him the photo, Vikram replies that he never see him before. Rani goes to Rajmata and Digvijay and shows them the picture. Rajmata gets a teary eye after watching the photo, Rani asks if she knows him.

Digvijay tells that Maa Sa is not well, Kumud comes and takes her to her room. He also replies that they don’t know him. Rani leaves, Rani says to Vikram that something is must be hidden that we should know, she says that the man is related to this family and asks him if he can help her. There, Nandini gets ready for the ritual. She says to Jai to give her the jewellery.

Jai replies that she should wear the same when her husband brought something new for her. He shows her saying everything for his bride. Nandini looks pretty unhappy seeing that. Nandini checks them saying that these are artificial and she won’t wear this, she says him to get her original one. He replies that the original one is in the locker, she says so what “I want mine” he replies that can’t you wear it for me once.

The episode ends where Jai pretends to be so normal in front of the Rajwat family. In the next episode, you will watch Rajeshwari goes to Veer’s hospital just to see the patient and to know what else happens there stay tuned with us and don’t forget to watch the amazing episode tonight on Zee TV at 7 PM


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