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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17th June 2021 Today’s ATBA Written Episode: Rani Criticizes Veer


The episode coming episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega begins where Dadi brings Rani with her and veer goes with Ramo, meanwhile, Dadi says to Rani that she used to praise Veer so what happened now. Then she replies that she was wrong about him but Dadi makes her understand that sometimes circumstances can overturn by time but humans can not. But Rani sticks to her words and says that his betrayal has made her shattered which was not appropriate enough. Another side, Ramo makes veer understand that a problem can be solved through the conversation.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17th June 2021 Today's ATBA Written Episode: Rani Criticizes Veer

Then Rani says that there is nothing left to talk about and expresses her rage by saying that he has done many inappropriate things, which is not forgivable. Then Rani says that whenever he crosses her way she recalls all his accusations and meanwhile, says that she thought all males are similar like her father but she was wrong. She cries and says that she tolerated his anger but did not give him a reply to his worst questions. Then Veer says that he questioned because he wanted to fix everything.

After that, Rani says that she is happy to be alone because he has ruined everything and his interrogation hurt her a lot. His all actions have made the worst effect which she can not forgive at all in her whole life. Then says that if there is no trust so it does not mean to continue the relation ahead, Veer also accusing her by saying that she has done inappropriate thing through which his heart got shattered. Meanwhile, says that Rani has used him for luxury life or nothing else.

Then Jay gives money to goons and says that Rani and Ramo should not get this place at any cost. But Birju sees them and says that he should tell this to Rani, Ramo says that she has honoured her as Rani-Sa and therefore she wanted to solve these problems and says that her daughter had a dream which she wanted to fulfil but due to the situation she could not do that. Then Rani-Sa arrives there to meet Jay meanwhile, Birju says that they are just like a dog who can not improve themselves at any cost, then Jay gets to know about Birju and he attacks his head through the stone.

Then Ramo says that before doing all this he should have spoken with Rani regarding this, but Rani says that he has finished everything from his side. So there is no need to agree with anyone else and says to leave the place right now, by saying that Rani-Sa also wants that he should leave from here as soon as possible. Then Rani gets the call and agrees to make a project for sure meanwhile, he asks that does she has a laptop, she replies that she will manage that. So do not miss to watch it on ZeeTV at 07:00 PM and for more updates connect with us.


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