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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 18th August 2021 Written Episode: Rani Seems To Cover Her Face


The latest episode of your favorite show begins where, Rani seems to cover her face, and Rajeshwari asks her about it. Rani replies that today is Teej and there is a ritual in their village she used to watch. Rajeshwari asks what, Rani replies that all the ladies pray for their husbands on this auspicious day for their long life and she is just following the ritual. Rajeshwari replies that today is not that day she is talking about as it is tomorrow.

Rajeshwari insists on her asking why she is hiding her face. Rani replies, though her husband is not with her and therefore she is having a lent for his long life. Mausa admires her, she says that she will cook everything today from her hands and will put her hand’s magic into that. Rajeshwari gets happy saying “even Digvijay loves Balushahi too much”, she then says that she called him so many times but he did not pick. Meanwhile, Veer gets worried about him thinking he has not talked to him as well for a long time. He thinks about where he can go. Rani says in heart that she will get him back here as soon as she can.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode

There, Rani goes to the kitchen and starts cooking, she thinks that though she said that she will cook everything how will she cook all that? while Mausa comes to the kitchen and asks her if Balushashi is ready as he is eagerly waiting for that. Rani replies that she is trying. There, Veer keeps calling Digvijay and gets tensed when he does not respond to Veer’s call, and he asks himself that where is Papa. Meanwhile, Champa comes to the kitchen and asks Rani that why is she hiding her face all the time. She insists on her to show her face saying there are no men around them so she can lift the veil. Champa replies that one or another day it will be revealed, Devi replies that it’s her choice whether she wants to show her face or not.

At the end of the episode you will watch, the Teej festival begins, Ranvijay comes to Rani and apologizes saying “sorry Devi for whatever happened” Rani replies “it’s okay. Ranvijay says that she saw her taking care of the all rituals. He then asks her about her village and how did Digvijay find her. Rani replies that she came from a very small town, he asks her about her village’s name. The episode ends here to know what happened next stay tuned with us, and don’t forget to watch the episode tonight at the right time.


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