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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd August 2021 Written Episode: Will Rani Reach Veer


In the latest episode you will watch, Rani coming to Veer, and Nandini ties Rakhi on Veer’s wrist. Nandini does his aarti and thinks in herself that she did the big mistake of her life and ruined itself, she says that she did not know Veer was trying to save her life but despite agreeing with her Bhai she ruined her entire future and now she can’t do anything except for repenting. She then cries in herself that she was stubborn and crossing the height of misbehaving but he was only trying to be a good brother. She looks at him and makes him eat his special sweet.

Nandini does the ritual, everyone smiles looking at them, she stands up Veer asks her if she is fine, Nandini replies that she is fine what would happen to her. Veer says to her, as she did not tell him about her wish so he got something special from Rani’s choice. He says that Rani wanted him to give this to her on Rakhi, Veer takes the gift out and hands it over to Nandini, she opens the box and gets happy seeing a beautiful necklace. Nandini appreciates the gift and asks him about Rani as he said that she would be here on Rakshabandhan. Veer replies Rani is bust in her college projects, Nandini says it’s okay and says him to thanks her for the gift. Vikram standing there says Nandini is his sister too so now it should be his turn. Everyone laughs, She makes him sit and ties the Rakhi on his wrist as well.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode

There, Rani manages to escape from Ranvijay’s prison and the goons chase her, she gets herself hide somewhere. There, in the house, Nandini asks Vikram for her gift. He says her to close her eyes, she does the same, he ties a thread on her wrist, saying is it enough. Everyone laughs at it. Nandini gets angry at him, he gets her gift and Nandini gets super happy seeing another Necklace, she adores it, Jai sees those necklaces and gets shine in his eyes.

Rajeshwari looks at her and asks if she is having something in her mind, she denies it. Rajeshwari asks if she is missing her dad. She tells her that she talked to him and he is fine and will be back soon, she gives her another gift saying he sent this for her. Nandini flies saying it is the best gift she got on this special day, she thanks her and gives a warm hug. The episode ends with a crazy and unexpected drama so don’t forget to watch it tonight at the right time and stay tuned with us to know more about the show and further episodes.


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