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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Latest News & Updates Spoiler Alert


As you all know that your favourite TV serial has reached its very amazing plot where Rani has entered college. Let’s check the latest episode story. Tonight’s episode begins with, Rajeshwari thinking about the incidents that have happened, and she gets angry. Rani gets ready for college, Veer looks at her and says that she is looking pretty good in the dress. Rani thanks him, Veer says that he will pick her and drop her as well. Meher says it is not as easy as he has said because it is a commitment.

After getting ready Rani goes to Rajeshwari, where Rajeshwari asks what does she want. Rani replies that it is her first day in college therefore she wants her blessings, Rajeshwari leaves without putting her hand on Rani’s head. Rani enters college but she starts to feel nervous, she thinks to herself why is he getting this strange feeling. Veer asks her if she is alright, she nods, he makes a call to Ramo and says that it is her first day and she needs your blessings, Ramo blesses her and says that you will be shine. Rani gets happy, Veer says that now no one can stop you to live your dreams, and he will pick her after college he adds and leaves.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode

There Sanjay says to Rajeshwari that why she keeps making a fuss out of small things, Rajeshwari replies that those who are not even good, can’t give me this kind of lecture on values. Rajmata comes there and says to Sanjay that he can’t talk like this with his wife and as he is wrong not Rajeswari so he has to be quiet and listen to her, Rajmata apologizes to her as she was not able to get her out of those problems. Sanjay says that he wants to be alone for some time and he leaves.

Rajeshwari gets emotional saying that she always does good for this family but she never gets the support she deserves. Rajmata says that she is always with her, Rajeshwari replies that how can she trust her as she took Rani’s side. Rajmata tells her, Rani is the heart of this house but she can’t take your place in my heart though she will be a good daughter-in-law. Rani enters the college where she faces too many problems. As she is new and from a village, all the students make fun of her. Well, there is much more things are waiting for you on the TV so stay tuned with us to read all the latest spoiler alert and written episode and don’t forget to watch Apna Time Bhi Aayega’s tonight’s episode at the right time.


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