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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3 August 2021 Written Episode: Will Rani expose the real culprit?


The latest episode of ATBA will bring some more drama tonight, the episode begins with, Veer goes to the college to return Rani’s kit where he sees Rajeshwari and he asks her that what she is doing here. what she wants now, does she want to see Rani rusticated? Rajeshwari replies that she has some work here. Meanwhile, the principal comes there and thanks Rajeswari saying “thanks Rani Sa for your donation”, the principal takes Rajeshwari with him. Veer looks around for Rani, he goes to check her in the examination hall but gets worried when he does not find her.

Suddenly an unexpected thing happens, Rani was sitting upstairs while someone puts a chloroform napkin on her face and she faints. The person turns out to be Ranvijay, he says that when Veer’s mother is not interfering between him and Veer so who is she. He puts Rani into a dark room and lights the room on fire. Rani opens her eyes, while Ranvijay puts his hand on her mouth to keep her silent, Rani tries to defend herself. There Veer gets more worried about her, he goes upstairs, and says where are you, Rani? Somehow Rani tries to make some sound so that someone can hear and come to help, she hits Ranvijay. Veer gets to the room and tries it to open. Ranvijay gets scared thinking now he will finish. He looks into the room but Rani is not there either, he says where are you, Rani? Rani is closer to him, he gets scared now. Meanwhile, Ranvijay escapes, he jumps out of the room through the window and gets injured in feet.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Update

Veer again calls Rani, her phone rings. Veer hears her ringtone. He asks “Rani are you there in the almirah”? he opens that and gets Rani out of there, Rani is not in her senses. Veer calls her name saying “open your eyes Rani I’m here”, asks then “who did this”? Rani is unconscious. he gets her a glass of water and takes her to the home.

There Champa tells something to Jai which shocks him, he says her that she is telling this now. How can she do this? Champa replies that how can she tell him when her wife always spy on him, he gets worried that how will he ask Nandini for money. In the next scene you will watch, Veer has taken Rani to the house and gives her medicine, he asks her who did this. As Rani knows about the man behind all the incidents, she tells him. The episode ends here. Don’t forget to watch the complete episode and stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates and keep in touch to know, will Rani expose Ranvijay…?


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