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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th July 2021 Written Episode: Veer Will Get The License Soon?


The latest episode of ATBA begins with, Rajeshwari getting angry asking what Ranvijay is doing in the house. Veer replies that Ranvijay is the elder son of this house and no one can ask him about his presence here. Ranvijay says to Veer that Rajwashwari is not saying bad because he did something for what he has to pay. Veer says that at least Ranvijay is accepting his fault, he then taunts looking at Rani Sa that some people have done so many things that they should now and instead of accepting their mistakes they are still behaving like they have not done anything wrong.

Ranvijay says him to go to Rani as she needs him right now. Veer angrily goes to his room where he sees Rani has decorated the room and gets a food table. She then says that they have celebrated his birthday in a city-style now its turn for the village-style. She puts a water ball into his mouth, he says that it is so spicy, Rani replies that there is no fun if tears do not come while having the spicy water balls. She then says that she and Vikram have applied for the license and it will get it by tomorrow. He gets super happy after hearing the news he holds her hands and thanks her for this special surprise. Rani says him to be happy now and enjoy the day. Veer says that though it’s his birthday there is not even a single thing of his choice from decoration to food. Rani says that even he is of her choice, both of them look at each other and smile, Veer and Rani make each other eat the water balls.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode

There, Rajeshwari says to Rajmata that she wants to make some kheer for Veer on his special day but she is afraid that Veer won’t take it. She says to Rajmata to give him a saying she made it because if he gets to know that Rajeshwari made this for him so he will throw the bowl. Rajmata says her to give him from her own and he will not deny taking this from her. She goes to the kitchen where Rani gets surprised to see her.

Rajeshwari sends the servants out of the kitchen, she tried to find the ingredients but faces some difficulties, while Rani helps her and gives her the complete ingredients. Rani says that Veer will be happy after tasting the Kheer of his mother’s hands, she adores Rajeshwari saying she is looking cute while making the kheer. Rajeswari tells her to leave, Rani leaves asking for Veer’s license. Rajeshwari gets tensed, she thinks that she should do something for Veer’s license before making the kheer because it is the first thing that will make him happy. Well, there are many things to watch so don’t forget to watch the complete episode tonight at the right time on your Zee TV. Till then stay connected with us to get all the latest updates on the show.


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