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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 31st July 2021 Written Episode: Rani Meets With A Gas Blast In Kitchen


As you all know that after a huge dispute between Veer and Rajeshwari things are seem to be sorted in the Rajwat family but there is something strange going to happen tonight. Well, tonight’s episode of ATBA begins with, Rani going to the kitchen to make some Kheer for Veer but she does not know that someone has cut the gas pipeline. The person who cut the pipe stands there and when Rani starts making Kheer the person watches her and starts the countdown to blast. Rani falls on the floor and screams for help, everyone comes there meanwhile Veer enters the kitchen and rescues her, she coughs and Veer asks her if she is fine.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode

Digvijay and Veer ask her about how did it happen, Rani replies that she does not have any idea about it. Meanwhile, Vikram notices the cut on the pipeline, he tells Veer about it that somebody has done this deliberately. Veer thinks that who can do this while he gets something and says that he knows who did this. Later the person who cut the pipe turns to be Ranvijay. He talks to himself that he was finely taking Veer out of the house but Rani stopped him from doing this and she also stopped him revealing that he is the real father of Veer. He then thinks that he has everything today but just one thing he is incomplete with is Veer and he will take Veer at any cost no matter how cheap and worse he has to go for it. He thinks that he has punished Rani for doing this and that too very smartly because he cut the pipeline and left some clue as Rajeshwari’s stuff so now she will be blamed for Rani’s death and then he will execute his 2nd plan to get Veer.

Veer goes to Rajeshwari and accuses her to do that. Rajeshwari says that she accepts that she does not love Rani and not having a good relationship with her but it does not mean that will kill her. Veer gets angry and continues to make her count that she did so many things where she shows herself as worse so how can he believe in her now. Ranvijay also comes there and starts playing the victim card and blaming her for this. He then asks her if she has much shame in her eyes that she did this with Rani. Rajeshwari gets angry at Ranvijay saying that she is tolerating him in the house but now she won’t bear such nonsense things from him. She says Veer to believe her because she did not do anything and why would she do it. To watch what is going to happen next tune in to Zee TV tonight at the right time and stay connected with us to read more updates.


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