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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th August 2021 Written Episode: What Rani Is Going to Tell Veer?


The latest episode of the show begins with, one of Rani’s friends tells her that the man she got published in the newspaper has come to the college, Rani gets shocked hearing this. There Digvijay says Rajeshwari not to get worried and he has some work so he will come back soon, she says him to take care while he replies that he knows what she is going through, he tells her to be strong and not to feel alone because everyone is with her. Rajeshwari smiles and thanks him saying “thank you for being always with me”.

She accepts that she always thinks that he is wrong but she got to know that she was. Digvijay replies that neither she was wrong nor he because that was all circumstances demand. He praises her saying a lioness should not cry and he assures her that as their bond is getting better, Veer’s relation with her will get back on track soon. Rajeshwari smiles and says that she will keep trying to get the situation better, Ranvijay leaves. He goes downstairs, while Rani comes and says “Papa JI… you came to my college and did not tell me”. Everyone gets shocked, she asks her why did he go there? he replies that he went to meet Guptaji for some donation purpose. Rajeshwari says that she was there in the meeting but she did not see him. He says that he met him directly, he says himself that he is getting late and has to leave from here.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode

There, Jai says to Nandini to talk to her family for money, while he replies that he needs that money because he wants to start the business with her mom’s blessings. Nandini says that if it is urgent so just go and get her jewelry. He thinks to himself that how can he sell something that he has sold already. He says No… that is her wedding jewelry and he can’t sell them, she replies “then I need some time to talk to her”.

As you all know that there are so many things are going on in the show so in the mids of all drama and suspense tonight you will watch, Rani goes to Veer and tells him that she will clear everything and reveal the real mind behind all misunderstandings that have been made between him and everyone. Meanwhile, Ranvijay says that he will also tell him something that will clear the picture in his brain that who is his own and who is not. No doubt the episode is going to be so amazing so tune in to Zee TV tonight at the right time and stay connected with us to read all the latest episode updates.


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