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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th September 2021 Written Episode: Veer Going For An Interview


In the weekend’s episode of ATBA, you will watch, Veer going for an interview where Digivjiay assures him that he must get this job, Rajmata comes and makes him eat some Dahi-Chini as per the mythology, Rani comes and ties a holy thread on his wrist. Vikram wishes him all the best for the new beginning, saying just be positive and strong because things will get back to normal soon. Vikram says that he has hired a lawyer for Vijya as well.

Digvijay says Rani to focus on her studies as well now after all situations seem to be in control or better say that they have become habitual of that. Rani nods saying she is focused on her too, he then says that he has asked some of his friends for a job and will start soon once he gets that. Rani says him to stay at home after all he is a king of the city, he replies that the real king understands every situation, and this time it does not matter if he is a king but he should stand with his family. Rani recalls that Veer has denied her to go out, Rajmata reads the Bhagavad Gita and says that they should stand together in every unfair treatment, Rani thinks in her mind that she has to go there and for this, she has to be hidden from Veer, she decides to go there because only Sooraj can help her to get everything back which they have lost.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode

Rani comes inside the room where Vijya is already, she says to Rani that she entered at the perfect timing as she was looking for her. Rani smiles and says that she knew why she has been called. Vijay looks at her, Rani says “I know they did not do your make-up in a perfect manner”. Rani says that she will do her make-up now, Rani starts her job. Vijya admires her. Rani says that the old one Rani Sa was looking like a witch but the new one is like a fairy and no one can emulate her. Rani says that Rajeshwari does not look like her sister, Vijya stops her hand and asks that how does she know about their relationship.

Rani gets scared that how can her tongue slip, Rani tries to manipulate saying about Champa. Vijya asks if she told her, she replies no.., Champa told her sister and we all were having chit-chat so… Vijya asks her if they all sit together and gossip, she replies that they all talk about royal people as she knows. Rani says her if she can ask one more question. The episode ends here to stay tuned to know what Rani asked her.


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