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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th Sept 2021 Written Episode: Sooraj Gets Kulfi To Rani


In the latest episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega, there will be some more drama that is going to take place as always. Well, here we are talking about ATBA’s latest episode’s written episode, The episode begins with, Rani coming back home and smiles seeing Veer sitting in the house, she goes to him and asks if everything is fine because Veer seems to be upset. She asks him that why did he not call her the whole day, Veer looks at her and says that he got failed in the interview and he did not get the job and this is what made him upset because now he doubts himself.

Veer takes a stone and throws that, while Rani takes another one and does the same, her stone goes far where she gets happy and tells Veer that she won this, Veer looks at her and says that he is talking about his life and she is playing the game. Rani replies that he is upset just because he got fail for the very first time hence he is saying this but he should think about those who got fail many times but still living like a king of their own, she then tells him that success does not come as easy because a person has to be failed so many times to win for forever. Veer says to her that he is not a loser and can throw this stone way far than her, Rani smiles and says him to show if he can.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode

Veer takes another stone in his hand and throws it and this time his stone goes very far as compare before, he looks at her and says, look now. He then asks her that what she wanted to tell him through all these examples. Rani tells him that life is all about trying harder every time. She says that if a person doubts himself so he would be useless. She says to him “it’s okay if they did not hire you because they must have any reason for it or maybe that profile does not compatible with you”. He smiles and Rani holds his hand.

Well, at the end of the episode you will watch, Sooraj gets Kulfi to Rani and says her to have it, Rani thinks in herself that Veer must be worried thinking about her and suddenly she sees Veer and gets shocked. Rani says him that she has to leave now, Sooraj insists her finish the kulfi while Rani drops that ice cream and leaves. To know what happened in between this watch the complete episode and stay tuned with us to read all the latest updates.


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