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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th July 2021 Written Episode & Latest Updates Spoiler Alert


The latest episode of your favourite show will bring some more drama to your screen tonight, as you all know that the show is getting interesting with its everyday telecast and tonight you will get some more entertainment as the episode begins with, Rani and Veer coming towards Kusum, Rani says her that they wanted to talk to her about Jai. Kusum replies that she does not want to talk about him. Veer screams at her saying that every single word matters and it’s all about her sister’s life. Kusum says to him that it’s his problem not her, a bunch of people gather there, Rani says him to leave as she won’t open her mouth.

There, preparations have been done for Haldi’s ritual, Nandini comes there, Rajeshwari praises her as she is looking adorable on the day. Rani Sa says her to stand away and let her choose the special dress for the special day. Rajmata thinks that if Rani was here then things would be different. Jai comes there along with his family, Jai looks towards Champa angrily, Shanti starts to tremble and she drops the Shagun Thali, as Champa collides with her, Rajeswari gets angry at her.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode

Rani there gets worried, Veer looks at her and says that she should take some rest as he knows that she is tensed, Rani replies that he is more worried than her as he did not sleep, she says that they will find a way to sort the things, He replies that she should take some rest and he can’t do the same as he has to study a patient’s case. Rani says him that she will watch him, unfortunately, she falls asleep, when she wakes up she sees Rajmata standing there, Rani gets shocked to see her.

Rajmata says her that why did she run from the responsibilities that have given to her for the wedding, Rani tries to make her understand as she was told to leave, Rajmata does not listens to her and says that she does not want to listen to anything but leaving the house is not the solution and she should come back to the home, Veer there says that this is not good if we come back to the house where everything is standing against us, he says that they won’t come back home, Rani says that if they want to stop this wedding then they have to be there, therefore Rani decides to go home and says him to go to Kusum.


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