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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th Sept 2021 Written Episode: Sooraj Sees The Snake And Screams


In the latest episode of ATBA, there will be the drama continues where the episode being with, Rani standing and she sees a snake coming close to her and thinks back to the time when she said the owner to come to her given address so that he can get some money from newly became king to catch his own snake. He asks her that what if Vijya finds the snake out of poison. Rani replies that she does not know about further but only she knows is, he will get a huge amount for sure.

Sooraj sees the snake and screams to get help, some of the servants come there but unfortunately, they get scared as well of that snake. Rani comes there and assures Sooraj not to be worried as she has come, Sooraj cries seeking help, Rani pretends to be a snake charmer and catches the snake. Rani looks into the snake’s eyes and says “how dare you to scare my Sooraj, don’t you know he is the king and I am here for him”. a scared Vijya says her to throw that out, Rani takes the snake and takes him out. Rani hands over the snake to Guruji while he replies that it was not the snake she was thinking of but it is a venomous snake, Rani says him to take it but they all are scared now because this snake is poisonous. Rani gets scared too now.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode

She leaves the snake but the snake runs away, Rani gets worried asking them to find that. She requests them to catch it back as it is not a part of their plan. The snake goes close to Vijya and is about to bite her but suddenly Rani goes and comes in front and puts some milk. Guruji comes and catches the snake. Everyone sighs and Vijya gives him money.

Punita appreciates Rani’s courage saying she is so brave as she risked her life just to save Vijay. Vijya smiles saying Rani has done a great job today and has won her heart as well. She says that as she has saved her and her son’s life so she has put them into her debt. Vijya says to her that she can demand anything. Rani replies that she just did a pious thing by saving a life. Rani says she does not want anything right now but as per the time, she sees Veer’s missed call and says that she should leave now. Vijya says that she can leave but she won’t let her go with empty hands. Tonight’s episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega ends with some more drama so don’t forget to watch the complete episode and stay connected with us to read more updates on the show.


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