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Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA): 21st July 2021 Written Episode Rajeshwari Makes Conspiracy Against Veer


The latest episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega starts with, Rani looking at Veer as he is recalling what Rajeshwari said about him. Rani asks him what happened, he replies that Rani Sa has done so many things which he can’t even think to return, he tells Rani that he used to be an orphan when Rani Sa met him and she has done so many things and whatever he is today just because of her. He further adds that he feels some special connection with that patient and still looking for the reason behind this.

Veer Atba

Rani holds his hand and makes him feel better saying that he did so good helping the stranger. Meanwhile, Rajmata comes there and asks Rani to come with her as she needs her help, Rani leaves. Rajmata says her not to do this with him, Rani replies “but he is broken”. He is the son of this house and has still been called an orphan again and again and has kept away from his father, she adds later.

Rajmata says not to tell this to Veer and gives her an oath saying she is stopping her for a reason. Rani asks her about the reason. She replies that now she can’t tell but soon and till then she has to keep it secret if she wants peace in the family, Rajmata then requests her that this is just for few days she has to keep. Rani nods saying she will do the same. Rani goes to Veer he asks her if everything is fine. Rani tells him that everything is okay and he does not have to be worried about this because time will heal it, and she thinks why she has been stopped by Rajmata.

There, in the house, Rajeshwari plays chess alone and recalls what Veer said. She calls Jai, Jai comes and asks if everything was fine in the hospital as he could not contact her. She replies that nothing is fine and everything is just on the brink of breaking. She says him that she needs his help, Jai comes closer and she tells him the entire plan, Jai nods saying he gets it and will be done it after getting permission from her. Rani says that she brought him up and gave everything so now it’s his turn to pay his loyalty, Jai replies that from now Veer’s bad time will begin. No doubt that episode is going to be so amazing so tune in to ZEE TV and stay tuned with us to read more further updates.


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