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Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) 26th July 2021 Written Update: Rani Reveals Patient 217’s Identity


The latest episode of ATBA is going to be so dramatic you have ever watched the episode begins with, Rani talking to Rajeshwari where Rajeshwari screams at her saying if she can’t agree with her so there is no space in the house for her as well, she shoves Rani. Rajehwari looks at the sheet and gets shocked, she starts to scream saying that it just can’t be possible, he can’t come back, how can it happen, Rajamata comes there and tries to cool her but she gets uneasy thinking about patient 217 and faints.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) 26th July 2021 Written Update: Rani Reveals Patient 217's Identity

There Champa calls Jai and says that there is something big is happening, while Nandini comes with her bags. Jai asks her about where she is going, she replies that she is going to her home. Jai says her to stay here as it is her house. Nandini replies that if it really were then he did not talk like that to her. Jai asks if she really doesn’t want to stay in the house, she replies no. He says that he will come along with her to stay in her house, she asks him that what kind of man he is because instead of saying sorry he wants to come with her.

She asks that why is he doing all, he asks back what? she replies that why he is spying on her family and why did he burn her hand? He starts crying and says “I’m so sorry baby”. He also burns his hand. She stops him and asks why is he doing all. he says that he deserves everything, he says that he was not spying on her family but he cares about Rani Sa because she is alone there. Nandini melts and says sorry to him and promises that she won’t repeat it again.

There Rani asks Rajmata about this. Rajmata says Ranvijay… Rajeshwari opens her eyes and says No… it can’t happen the person whose name is not even allowed in the house, how can enter here. She looks at Rajmata and asks if she knew about it, Rajmata remains silent. She then looks at Digvijay and says “you too knew about it and instead of telling me you got him inside”. She says that she can’t tolerate him for a second.

She stands and says that she will kick him out right now, Rani gets in front of her, she tries to stop her saying that he will die if she does this, she shoves Rani and goes towards him, Rani says that he is Veer’s dad. Everyone there gets shocked to know this. The episode ends with a very shocking twist and for that watch, the episode tonight at the right time, and till then stay tuned with us to read more updates.


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