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Apna Time Bhi Aayega ATBA 6th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Where Is Digvijay


In the latest episode you will watch, Ranvijay decides to make some more conspiracy against Rajeshwari so that Veer will never talk to her. Tonight’s episode begins with, Ranvijay thinking that as Rani is solving all the misunderstandings between Veer and Rani Sa, so there is no doubt soon they will talk to each other and he won’t succeed in his plan, but he thinks that first he has to find the locket and he starts finding that where everyone is sitting.

apna time bhi aayega Latest Episode

He makes a call to Jai and says him to turn the lights off, he goes and does the same. Meanwhile, someone comes behind Jai, he gets shocked but sighs when he sees Champa there. Champa complains to him that why does he not talk to her. They talk while Nandini comes there and catches them red-handed. She asks him what is he doing here, he manages to lie and sends Champa away, she stops her and asks what she was doing here, she replies, that she was looking for her mobile phone. There, Rani starts to make the environment good. She says that here everyone gets stressed when lights go off and in their village, they are stressed when the light comes. Rajmata says whether do they love to spend the night in the dark. She says that they used to sit out of their houses with the light of candles and that was pretty good and enjoyable.

Ranvijay standing there waits for everyone to get busy somehow. Meanwhile, Vikram asks them about playing a game, everyone gets divided into two teams. coincidentally Veer and Rajeshwari are on the same team. Rani asks Ranvijay that why is he standing there in the dark instead of joining the family time. The bottle spins and stops towards Rani, she starts singing, Veer and Rajeshwari look at each other. Rani asks Vikram that who is going to sing from his team. Rajmata praises Rajeshwari saying she sings amazingly.

Everyone says her to sing but she hesitates, Rani says Veer to say her mother so that she will be happy and sing. Rajeshwari starts singing “Chanda Hai Tu” everyone there gets emotional looking at her. Rani says this is the specialty of this game, sometimes you get happy and sometimes emotional. Rani sings next meanwhile, the phone rings, she goes and picks the call up. A man on the line says that he is talking from Delhi and he asks about Digvijay, she replies that he is already in the same for some meeting. He replies that neither he is in Delhi nor he is picking the call. Rani gets shocked and this forces her to think. To watch what happened next? Tune in to Zee TV tonight at the right time.


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