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Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) 6th July 2021: Rani Exposes Jai & Champa Written Episode


In the latest episode, you will watch, Rani working on the project and she starts recalling how Veer came to save her. Jai comes towards her, Jai tries to help her, Rani smiles looking at him and she plugs the wire, suddenly Jai gets shocked and he screams, everyone comes there and asks her what happened, Rani says that he was trying to help in the project despite knowing that there is current here, Rani says that she denied taking his help, Jai says yes, Rani laughs at him, Rani says him that the same can happened if you deliberately get into things.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) 6th July 2021: Rani Exposes Jai & Champa Written Episode

Jai goes to Champa’s room and surprises her, Chanda hugs her, Jai asks her what she is doing here, Champa gets happy seeing him and says that he has made her day as she was keenly waiting for this moment. Meanwhile, Rani comes there and locks the room, Jai rushes towards the door, suddenly Champa pulls him back and both fall on the bed, she says that now no one can disturb them and it’s their time. While Rani Sa looks around and asks where Jai went.

Rani comes there and says that she knows where is he and says that they have to come with her if they want to see what he is doing. Rani takes them to the room where she has locked Champa and Jai. She opens the door and everyone gets aghast seeing Jai and Champa close to each other, Rani says that she is saying this from the very beginning but no one believed her, She says them to believe in their eyes as they were not getting what she wanted to tell them.

She says that his squalor has unveiled now. Rajmata looks at Champa and says her to leave the house ASAP. Sanjay says to Jai that he was about to be the Son-In-Law of this house, Rajmata looks at him and says that he broke their trust once again. Sanjay gets angry and says him to leave before he gets thrown out of the house.

Rajmata stops Sanjay saying that they can’t forget what they have watched but she wants to know if it was true. Rani looks at her and says that she still wants a clarification despite seeing everything. Jai says everyone is right and true and he leaves, Rani gets happy. The episode ends with an amazing twist where Veer praises Rani for doing all that and tells everyone that Jai is not the right one for Nandini. So, don’t forget to watch it tonight at the right time.


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