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Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA): Jai and Nandini Finally Got Married 14th July 2021 Episode


In the latest episode of the show, you will watch some more entertaining drama in the house, and as you all know that Jai has successfully occupied Nandini and Rajeshwari’s minds and therefore he is still pretending like there is no one better than him. Now in tonight’s episode, you will watch, Nandini talking to Veer and saying that she is doing this marriage by her own choice, she says that every girl wants her wedding to be special and therefore her parent do their best. She further says that when her mom got ill she went so scared, she says that she has no one after mom.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Nandini looks at Veer and says that he has Rani, but she has just her mother whom she does not want to lose, and if her mother wants her to tie the knot with Jai so she will do for her mother’s happiness. Nandini further says that she will do this right now and no one can stop her doing this, she holds Jai’s hand and says that she won’t see her mother getting more ill. The wedding starts, Nandini makes Jai, and Jai makes her wear the garlands. Rajeshwari smiles. Sanjay comes on before and does the Kanya Daan. Rani and Veer get upset. Pandit says them to stand for the seven vows. Veer gets so uneasy there and he goes outside, chasing him Rani also comes outside. Jai and Nandini start taking the vows. Veer looks at Rani and says that they have lost.

Rani starts to cry saying they have failed. There, vows have been completed, Pandit says Jai to fill Nandini’s hairline with vermillion. Veer also cries, Pandit Ji gives Jai the Mangalsutra to put in her neck. Everyone in the house gets upset. Pandit Says to them that you are married now, let’s take the blessings of God and your family for your happy life. Everyone starts doing the rituals and formalities of the wedding, everyone gives them blessings and hugs Nandini. She hugs Vikram crying he says that he won’t stop her, she replies even she does not want to be stopped, they laugh.

While going back to the home, Jai comes to Veer and warns him to control his anger and hate for him because now he is his brother-in-law and his sister’s happiness is in Jai’s hand, he taunts him while leaving. Rani gets angry looking at him, he goes and sits in the car. Nandini looks at Veer and Rani, Veer gets upset. Well, the episode ends with a very shocking and dramatic twist so don’t forget to watch Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th July Episode at the right time, till then stay safe stay tuned.


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