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Apna Time Bhi Aayega ATBA Latest Written Episode 24-6-2021: Veer Apologizes To Rani


In the latest episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega, you will watch, Rani recalling all the moments that have happened before the fight, She blushes to think that how once Veer confessed his feelings for her. Suddenly she starts thinking of the incident that has just happened between them and gets sad of thinking how Veer told her that now their relationship has ended and there is nothing left between them. There Veer opens his eyes and realizes that Rani was there when he was leaving the place and then again he decides to talk to her.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega ATBA Latest Written Episode 24-6-2021 Veer Apologizes To Rani

Veer again goes to Ramo and requests him to let him talk to Rani, Ramadhir tells him that her daughter and he has suffered a lot before just because of him, and now he is scared of the problems that he has seen and does not want to see again. Veer says, he is ready for every punishment and accepts his faults. Ramadheer begs him to leave and tells him that Rani has forgotten to keep the smile that she used to have before.

He tells him that his daughter wanted to be an engineer and that was her aim but now she is unable to focus on her dream as she has shattered now. Ramadheer further says that his mom Rajeshwari is also responsible for Rani’s condition, and once she said bad words about Rani’s character. Ramo tells him that he always wanted to see happiness in his daughter’s eyes and as she is broken now so he can’t hurt her by letting him meet her, he closes the door, Veer leaves.

There Rajeshwari thinks that she has won, Meanwhile, Jai comes there and tells her that Veer has got to know about her plan so now their game is over. Birju goes to him and asks why he keeps meeting Rani and breaking her. Veer begs Ramo to let him meet for the last time as he wants to apologize, Ramo gives permission for him to meet her saying this is his last chance after this if he ever says then it will be rather worse.

Veer goes to her and says that her anger on him is justifiable and says that he did a very huge mistake. Rani looks at him, he further says that he hurt her a lot in anger and he knows that it won’t be easy for her to forgive him as he did the biggest mistake by raising questions about her character. He knees down in front of her and begs to say everyone gets the second chance so please give me a last chance. Rani looks at him and the episode ends here, stay tuned to read the latest episodes.


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