Home Entertainment Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) Latest Written Update 5-7-2021: Rani Exposes Jai

Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) Latest Written Update 5-7-2021: Rani Exposes Jai


Tonight’s episode starts with, the morning where Rani gets ready for college, Veer asks her if she is ready so they should leave. Meanwhile, Rajeshwari comes there and says her to stay home and not go to college today. Rani says that she has done everything and there is nothing left to do. Rajeshwari thinks that how can she have done everything so quick and that too in the morning. Rani tells her that she will come soon just after lunch so she should not worry because this day is important for her and she has to reach college.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) Latest Written Update 5-7-2021: Rani Exposes Jai

Veer says that he believes her and he knows that she will manage everything just while keeping a smile on her lips. He further says that he knows she is planning something to stop this wedding. Rani says that she has done some special preparations for Jai, she laughs and leaves. There Champa gets into Jai’s room and she finds a letter, she opens that where she reads that Jai has left this for her and also those flowers for her, at the end of the letter she reads that he is calling her in the guestroom as he is waiting for her. Champa smiles seeing the lover’s letter for her, Rani looks at her and gets happy.

Rani reaches the college where she sees a group discussion is going on, where students are thinking about who will be the 4th one to join their group for the assignment. Rani gets there and says who is her partner in this? Students reply that she can’t be their group partner. Meanwhile, the teacher comes in, the teacher asks her about the project, Rani explains the entire assigment. The teacher gets happy listing to her and says to everyone that they should learn from her, he orders them to help her in this as Team A. Rani tells them that she has made the design for that. One of the boys from the team says that they don’t need her in the team.

There, Rani Sa welcomes Jai’s family. Everyone gets happy, Jai looks around and asks Rajeswari, Where is Bhabhi Sa? Jai asks sarcastically if she is still angry at them. Rani Sa says that she must be taking some rest in her room, Jai says, Okay let him call her. Nandini asks him if he really wants her to be here. He smiles and goes upstairs. Rajeswari says that this is Royal blood who always loves to be right and straight towards the aim. The episode ends where Rani exposes Jai, so no doubt that the episode is going to be so amazing and dramatic so stay tuned with us to get the latest spoilers alert, and don’t forget to watch the show tonight.


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