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Apna Time Bhi Aayega ATBA: Rani Yells At Veer In 22 June 2021 Written Episode


Tonight’s episode begins with, Rani going inside her room as she has to complete her project. Dadi says that Rani is just pretending like she is fine but she is not. Birju says blames Veer for everything and says that he will not let Veer come around them. Veer comes there, Birju stops her saying he will not let him hurt Rani anymore. Veer says it is our matter you should stay away from this we will sort it out. Veer goes inside meanwhile, Dadi comes in his way, she folds her hands saying please leave us what you want now.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega ATBA: Rani Yells At Veer In 22 June 2021 Written Episode

Veer requests saying let me talk to her just for once, Kaka you know me, Dadi says I’m begging you to please go away, Veer leaves. The same night Vikram calls Veer as Rajeshwari told him to do. Veer does not pick the call, Vikram tells her that he is not picking the call, Rajeshwari tells him that Veer said that he is going to Rani to talk to her. Vikram says Okay, let me call Bhabhi Sa, Rajeshwari yells at him saying not to call Rani as Bhabhi Sa, she is not his Bhabhi Sa anymore. Vikram says that he will call her Bhabhi Sa and she can’t stop him saying this and requests her not to break their relation.

Vikram calls her and asks if Veer is there, Rani tells him that he has gone. Vikram cuts the call saying we will find him, Rani gets worried about him. Someone there sneaks into Rani’s room and kidnaps her, She screams. After she got kidnapped you will watch, the kidnapper who got Rani has tied her. Rani sees Veer and yells at him, she asks what nonsense is this, she tells him that Vikram is worried for him and he is there doing all this. She asks what you are doing, are you a goon or doctor?

Veer says that he forgot who is he, this anger, drinks and… Rani yells at him saying no one said you to do this. Veer says that everything that is happening with him is just because of her. Rani says Oh! so you kidnapped me just for telling me about your problems. Rani says, If her dad finds her this way, Veer laughs saying your Dad… Rani asks what? Veer says sorry as he drunk. Veer says let’s sit and talk. The episode ends here to stay tuned with us to catch all the crunchy entertainment news.


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