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Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA): Veer Worries About Rani 11th August 2021 Written Update Episode


The episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega starts with Rani asking the police’s help for her father. The policeman asks her to wait as he is attending a call. Rani thinks that this might risk her father’s life so decides to hide somewhere. The policeman looks around for Rani after finishing his call and thinks if she was in any way related to Hukum Sa. Here, Mausa wonders who even have water just having tea and asks Veer if this is a kind of ritual for the rich people. Veer laughs and tells him to rest.

Veer asks him to follow him as he will take him to the room where he can peacefully rest. Mausa asks him if Rani Sa won’t do his Aarti. Pinku says that she won’t do it. Mausa says that this won’t happen as she is Rani’s mother in law and would have to do the ritual. He prepares the Aarti Thali himself and asks Rani Sa to complete the ritual and it brings positive vibes in the house.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega


Another side, Rani struggles to return home and prays to God to show her a way out of this trouble. Meanwhile, some labour were carrying sacks of flour. Mistakenly, some flour drips on Rani. The labours ask if she is okay and calls her old woman. In the next scene, Raeshwari does Mausa’s Aarti. The latter asks her what is she doing. She tells him that he just asked for it. Mausa tells her that he was talking about Veer and asks her to give the Aarti Thali to him as he will do it.

Veer touches Mausa’s feet and receives a bounty of blessings. Mausa says that he wanted to bless Rani as well but she is not here. Vikram advises Veer to call her but they drop the idea thinking she might be focused on her studies. Later, Kajiri serves Samosas to everyone. Veer recalls Rani and thinks she loves Samosas and excuses himself. Veer calls Rani and wonders why it’s switched off.

Here, Rani has taken the get up of an old woman. Veer decides to text Rani. Ranvijay gets worried seeing Veer looking around for Rani and thinks that he has to stop him. He takes Rani’s phone and messages Veer saying she is with her friend. Veer suspects as Ranvijay had called him Veer. He asks her to come soon or he will harm himself making Ranvijay tensed. Follow for more updates.


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