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Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) Written Episode 2nd August 2021: Will Rani Expose Ranvijay?


Well, as you all know that ATBA is turning hotter and with every episode tears and drama is increasing therefore here you will read the latest episode of the show. Tonight’s episode begins with, a crying Rajeshwari who is recalling Veer’s words, meanwhile, Digvijay comes there and gives her a glass of water. She looks at him and says that he must be happy today seeing her crying, right? He asks her if she is mad or what, what is she saying does she know?

Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) Written Episode 2nd August 2021: Will Rani Expose Ranvijay?

She then says that he always said that she should give Veer a mother’s love which he really needs but she always did partiality between him and Nandini and Vikram. He says her not to cry, she says that today she has lost her son, his belief, faith, and love everything has gone with him. He tries to console her while she continues to cry saying that she did not try to kill Rani and she is being blamed for that incident and everything. There Ranvijay says that as Rajeshwari hurt his son so this is the time when she has to go through the pain she deserves.

Rajeshwari asks Digivjay why she is getting this pain and that too from her son, how far will this go. He replies that he is her son he can get angry like her but can’t stay away from his mother. Ranvijay says that he will not let Veer come close to Rajeshwari because soon he will take him so far from her reach. Veer loves Rani and if she gets hurt so no doubt Veer’s love will end for Rajeshwari. There Vikram says to Rajmata that someone must have done this, who could it be?

Rajmata says that they have to find it out but she only knows that Rajeshwari can’t do this. Rani also thinks the same that Rajeshwari can’t do this. She looks around for the proof that must be there of the one who did that. Meanwhile, Rani gets a napkin she thinks that it can prove, who was the person because of whom everyone is blaming Rani Sa. She picks that up and thinks that she will get the fingerprint matched but how, Then she gets an idea. Rani gathers everyone.

Rajeswari reaches the first and asks her if Veer’s anger has cool down. She replies, not yet but soon everything will be fine and she promises this. Rani says that as Veer is upset on his birthday so she is thinking to make him feel special. Everyone asks her how will she do it. She replies that she used to print the fingerprints on paper and gives them to her father and she is planning to do the same for Veer from everyone’s side.

She gets some papers and takes everyone’s fingerprints, she then says to let her get Ranvijay’s prints as well, She goes. Rajeshwari thinks that Rani must have some reason behind this and she will not let Veer go far from her. The episode ends with some shocking twists so for that tune in to Zee TV tonight at the right time, stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates on the show.


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