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Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) Written Episode Update 29th July 2021: Veer Comes Back


In the latest episode of ATBA, you will watch some more drama as usual. As you all know that Veer has decided to leave the house where Rani comes and requests him not to leave the house because it is not the solution. Rajeshwari cries when Digvijay comes there and assures us that Rani will bring him back to them and he will be celebrating his birthday with the family. Now today’s episode begins with, Rajeshwari getting the decoration done and saying that it’s her son’s birthday and she wants everything perfect.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) Written Episode Update 29th July 2021: Veer Comes Back

Jai calls Champa to ask her something on which she replies that she wants money first so he has to transfer an amount to her account after that she will tell him. There Vikram calls Nandini, she asks him if he is fine, he replies that he wants to tell her something that she should know about. There Jai transfers some amount to Champa’s account, then she tells him that Veer is the real son of Rajeshwari. Nandini gets shocked to listen about Veer’s reality from Vikram’s mouth.

Nandini says that they always considered him as an outsider but today she is so happy. Both Jai and Nandini get the same news from a different mouth. Nandini goes to Jai’s room and calls him out of the room saying she wants to tell him something, it’s good news. Their decoration gets done in the house. Guests and others come there. Meanwhile, Veer also comes along with Rani and Ranvijay. Nandini goes to Veer and hugs him, Digvijay makes Ranvijay introduce him to Nandini saying he is his elder brother.

Jai goes to Veer and says “Oh who knew you are the real son of Rani Sa, we used to think that you are an orphan” Veer gets angry while Vikram comes to him and takes him to the table saying “let’s cut the cake brother”. Veer goes to the table, Rajeshwari comes there and says that she never celebrated his birthday but today she is doing it from the bottom of her heart and she promises that she will do the same with more enthusiasm.

Veer looks at her, Rani says him to cut the cake, Veer takes the knife and cuts the cake, everyone gets happy they applause, everyone make him eat the cake but when Rajeswari comes there he denies eating the cake from her hand. Ranvijay comes there and makes him eat, he hugs Veer happily and this makes Rajeshwari angry. Now what is going to be further and to watch it tune in to Zee TV tonight at 7 PM.


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