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Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) Written Episode Update 9th June 2021: Birju & Rani Get Married?


The latest episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega begins with, Veer inside his room suddenly someone knocks, he opens the door and sees Rani and Birju standing in front of him and that too in wedding attire. Birju shocks to see them, Rani says him to congratulate them. As Veer in shock so he takes his steps back and Rani enters the room. annoyed Veer says that you both wanted this to be done from the very beginning. Why did you make me fool? Why did you show that fake love to me? Rani says why are you getting so uneasy, you should be happy, and please don’t spoil others’ mood.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) Written Episode Update 9th June 2021: Birju & Rani Get Married?

Veer yells at her and says to go away from him. Kiara comes there and asks, Veer are you okay? Suddenly he wakes up and shoves her. He sits and asks Kiara are you okay? Kiara asks him what was? He replies that he was seeing an epilates. Kiara says that Rani Sa is looking for him and she is worried. Veer thinks that Rani is having an affair with Birju. Veer goes to Rani Sa and asks what happen?

Rani Sa tells him that neither Vikram is in his room nor his stuff. She asks him if he knows where he has been. Veer thinks the same where can he go. There Rani is on her way to her village, she recalls the entire incident she has met with and starts crying, she reaches Baliya where she meets her grandmother. Her Dadi hugs her, Rani asks how are you? Dadi gets happy and replies now she is perfectly fine after watching her.

Dadi says him why did not call before coming. Rani says let it be now I’m here with you. Rani makes Vikram and Birju introduce to Dadi. Vikram says that this is their house hence they don’t need any kind of preparations. Dadi says Kunwar Sa… Vikram replies that you should call me with my name that will make me rather happy. Dadi welcomes them, she asks Rani about Veer. Rani again recalls everything, she is about to tell, while she asks where are Tinko and Ramo?

Dadi tells that they went for some shop’s work, she goes to prepare tea. Rani says Birju to be with her. Rajeshwari calls Vikram, and asks where are you? he replies that we are in Baliya. She gets angry saying what are you doing there, who gave you permission to go there, come here quickly. He replies that he can’t come, she asks why he replies that I can’t be a part of that family who insulted my Bhabhi.

Vikram says that she is our responsibility and I can’t leave her alone. She yells at him saying are you coming here or will I have to be there. He replies don’t you do with all the drama you did with Bhabhi. I am not coming to your house, and he hangs up the call. The episode ends, stay tuned with us to get more latest and dramatic episodes.


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