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Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) Written Update 23rd July 2021: Will Veer Visit Hospital For Patient 217?


In the latest episode, you will watch, Rani, saying Veer that she will let everyone knows about that patient’s reality. Rani thinks back about the media that how did they come and who calls them. There Rajehswari in the house enjoys her meal and thinks about the stuff that happened with Veer. Rani there looks at her and determines that she has to find the mastermind behind this. Rani thinks that it was really a big problem and she is not getting what and how did it happen.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) Written Update 23rd July 2021: Will Veer Visit Hospital For Patient 217?

Rani thinks of Nandini’s kheer that Jai must have put something in that. Later she thinks that she can’t open about this because she is also not sure but as Jai is not the right one from the very beginning, therefore, she doubts him. She thinks that how can someone drink just before surgery, she thinks of Rani Sa that why did she come to the hospital. She asks this to Rani Sa, Rani Sa replies that on what basis is she asking her.

Rani Sa says that everything was fine until Veer was away from her, she made him a doctor just because of her and he lost his license and the only reason behind his ruined carrier is Rani. Rajeswari blames Rani for everything and warns her that if she ever asks something to her so she won’t give the right answer verbally but with circumstances.

The next day Veer goes to the hospital where a watchman stops him saying that he can’t let him go inside because of Rani Sa’s orders. Veer says it’s okay and asks about patient 217, the watchmen replies that he was better than before but they have shifted him to another hospital. Veer gets stunned and asks him that who gave that order, he replies Rani Sa…

Veer goes to her and asks that why did she do that, Rajeshwari says that it was important, Veer asks that how can she do that because in his hospital Veer was giving him the best treatment just because he thinks that he has some relation with him but now he has shifted to another hospital and that too which is not even good. He further says that is why she sifted him to a small hospital. Rajeshwari says that they can’t bear the expense on him and can’t pay anymore.

Veer replies that he can’t let him die in such circumstances. Veer calls a doctor named Joshi and asks him if he can admit him. The doctor replies that he just can’t help him because he does not want himself in controversies. Now let’s see will Veer gets the hospital, so tune in to Zee TV tonight at the right time. Stay tuned with us to get more episode updates.


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