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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Today’s ATBA Written Episode June 7th 2021: Vikram Scolds Kiara


Tonight’s episode is going to be so interesting to watch because now the show has reached a very amazing and dramatic point. Well, talking about the show so today, Vikram gets angry with Kiara and scolds her because she married Veer. Kiara replies “you can’t scream at me because I did nothing wrong”. Vikram says that if you did nothing wrong then what are you waiting for, just tell your parents that you have tied the knot with Veer. He further says, your parents must be flying after getting this news. Kiara knows that she has to keep this wedding secret but Vikram calls her mother and tells her that Kiara is having special news to give you and gives the mobile to her.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Today's ATBA Written Episode June 7th 2021: Vikram Scolds Kiara

There Kiara’s mom asks her what she has to reveal, what good news Vikram is talking about? Kiara replies that there is nothing so special, Rajeshwari has returned there she has to extend the trip and she hangs up the call. She yells at Vikram and asks what you want. Vikram replies if you are happy with this marriage and did this by your choice so you should share this happiness with her family. She reminds about Veer’s words where he stated that it is just a fake wedding and she has to keep it secret until he says to reveal it and till then they have to pretend like a couple for everyone.Rajeshwari thinks about how Rani demanded money. There Kiara recalls Vikram’s threat. Birju gets to the dining table and puts some taunts on Jai, then he starts eating and appreciates that food is so delicious and tasty. Kiara there taunts him. Birju tells everyone sitting there that he cant enjoy the meal with everyone and leaves with the plate. Jai asks Rajeshwari that how much time will they have to bear all this insult, why don’t you give him the money so that we can live with tranquillity.

Rajeshwari tells that they are not here for money but something else has got them here. After all that in the last scene, Rani tells Birju that Veer was about to unveil the truth behind the marriage but suddenly Kiara came and interrupted. She tells that she wanted to talk to Veer alone hence she went to his room where she asked why he is doing all this. He tells that She will get the money and after that, she will leave this place because she has signed a contract. The episode ends


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