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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Today’s Written Update 20th August 2021 Episode ATBA Shocking Element


Hey, readers, you must be watching the daily episodes of your favorite show and hope to read as well. As you know that the story is turning hot with daily episodes where Rani has managed to enter the house and she is trying her best to expose Ranvijay’s reality but today something happened which just turned the story upside down. The latest episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega is going to be so dramatic about which you did not even think because in tonight’s episode Rani gets into Ranvijay’s trap unfortunately which is going to be so shocking.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20-8-2021

Tonight’s episode begins where Rani goes to the hospital to meet Veer and as soon as she enters the cabin she gets stumped. Rani enters the room and lifts her veil saying “now show what you were talking about” Ranvijay says her name and swivels his chair saying “Surprise my daughter-in-law”. Ranvijay passes a strange smile saying “you are such an amazing personality as you are still alive after falling from the building”. He says that as she has not told anyone about him yet so she won’t be able to expose him anymore because he will kill her now. Rani says him that he still can’t kill her. Ranvijay stands saying that was just an accident that she survived but this time he will not let her go. He comes closer to her, she shoves him and manages to escape somehow.

There in the house, Champa does her duty while Mausa comes and starts teaching her about cleaning. Champa gets worried when he takes a bottle, she says that he could break the bottle and takes that from his hands. He asks if it is wine or something dope. She replies that it is a special drink which Rani Sa got from abroad and adds that all the rich people drink it as per their mood. Mausa says that he is also so famous in his village and so-called rich as well, she picks a glass and makes him drink. He slurps the drinks and says this drink is bitter but quite well.

Back in the hospital, Rani lyes to the stretcher and thinks that she has to reach home asap before Ranvijay, she goes and sits in an auto-rickshaw while she gets a call from Pinku. Pinku tells her “Jai is going to meet Digvijay and I’m chasing him,” Rani says him to tell her the location and he should get back home as it is so dangerous and she does not want him to be a part of this game. Rani gets to the location… To know what happens next stay tuned with us to watch the complete episode tonight at the right time.


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