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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Update ATBA 22nd Sep 2021 Episode What Vijya Has For Rani?


As you all know that the makers of Apna Time Bhi Aayega are leaving no stone unturned to make the show more dramatic and no doubt that their efforts are giving results now. If you are one of those who are always staying excited to know about the episode and that too before it’s broadcast time so you can sigh now because here you will read about tonight’s ATBA’a latest episode, so be here till the end and stay up to date with us.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Well, in tonight’s episode of the show you will watch where the show begins, Rani seems crying thinking of the same woman whom she saw somewhere, scolding her kid for not taking flying colors in the exam, Rani goes to that lady and stops her slapping her kid saying that if today she does than her kid will be demotivated for forever which will lead to so many problems so she should be gentle on her kids.

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Rani says that what is the benefit now to scolding him because the time has gone and he is only one chance that is next time so try to motivate him so that he can get good marks next time. Rani talks about herself saying that she also has one way to achieve success. Meanwhile, Mausa comes and appreciates her work saying that she is thinking right. He then assures her that she can do everything just by being the way she is.

There, in Rajwat’s mansion Vijya fumes while Sooraj comes and says her to be calm and offers her a glass of water, she denies taking that and shouts asking about Radhika. Sooraj says to her that she has some exams today, therefore, she is not picking up the call but as soon as she will look her mobile she must come here. He then says that he made some cake as well to celebrate their victory, she says him again to call her as she wants her here right now.

However, Rani comes to Vijya’s house after some time, Sooraj gets happy seeing her and asks her where she had been as he was waiting for her since the morning. He holds her hands and takes her to Vijya where Vijya says her that Sooraj got worried thinking about her and asks her why did not she pick the call. Sooraj gets into saying that he does not care about anything as she is in the house finally so he does not want to waste the time in rubbish talks. The episode ends here, what do you think? as the show is going on, how far will Rani suffer from all this? Hit the comment box and share your opinion on this.


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