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Argentina Star Lionel Messi Is Mobbed By Fans At A Restaurant Check CCTV Footage Video


There is a piece of news is coming forward related to Lionel Messi who was mobbed by many of his fans and this news is getting too much popularity on the internet. He is a star of Argentina and an Argentine professional footballer. He carries a large number of fans in his fan list and now he is getting too much popularity and attention on the internet. He was mobbed by many of his fans at a restaurant and there is a video also circulating of himself. In this article, we shared why is he getting a lot of attention on the internet and what happened to him, so read continuously.

Argentina Star Lionel Messi Is Mobbed By Fans At A Restaurant

As per the news and information, He was mobbed by more than hundreds of his fans and this incident took place on the time of night of Monday when he was inside a restaurant Don Julio for having dinner. He needs police support and escorts to leave and get out of the place. His fans begin chanting “Messi, Messi…” on the street corner and sang the words “Muchachos”. He didn’t reply after this incident and it is also coming out that he has not gotten any injury in this incident. There are many videos are also on the internet that shows how he was mobbed by his fans.

There is a video on the Twitter account which gained around 7.2 million views and around 102k likes. This video is continuously getting more attention and popularity on the internet by many social media users. Let us some more information about himself, His complete name is Lionel Andres Messi and he is currently 35 years old. He was born on 24 June 1987 in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, and became popular as a professional footballer around the world. He is one the best football players around the world and is popular widely as a winner of a record of seven Ballon d’Or awards and many more.

Many of his fans and loved ones expressed their sorrows in this video and this video is continuously getting huge attention and popularity from his fans and netizens. In that video, we can see that around four police came nearby to him take out him from that place and the running time of the video is around 8 seconds. There are many videos coming out that show the love of fans for their favorite ones and many times and here his fans also expressed their love for him. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to get more articles on other exciting news topics.


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