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Arman Amjad Dies In Motorcycle Accident on Blue Diamond Rd Passes Away at 32


The quite lethal accident is reported from Blue Diamond Road Near Torrey Pines Drive where it is being said, that Arman Amjad has passed away at the age of 32 due to a lethal road accident. Ever since the news came to the fore his family is going through trauma because an unexpected obituary made them shocked. Everyone is paying tribute to him through social media, because nowadays due to pandemic crises visiting can be prohibited. So below you can get comprehensive details, such as death caused, net worth, wiki-bio, family, Instagram, etc.

Arman Amjad

As per the reports & sources, Arman Amjad was brutally hit by the truth furiously which became the cause of his sudden demise, because, at the time of the incident, the victim bleed heavily. Those who saw the incident have given their statement by saying that the accident was too horrific. As soon as the police get the news they reach the accident spot and saw the worst circumstances of his health. They have described the accident in such a way that everyone can suppose how would it be terrifying. Many statements are taking place on social media, which is creating havoc among the users, who got acquiented with us.

It is being reported that the accident took place around 08:43 PM on Tuesday night when he was riding his Kawasaki sports bike, at a high speed which became the cause of his fatal injuries. But as soon as his close one made him admit to the hospital, the doctors already informed them that he had a lack of chances for surviving. Because he got several brutal injuries on his entire body, during the treatment his health complication got increased up to the next level, and due to extreme pain and bleeding he had to leave the world.

Everyone is mourning his death who loves him because whenever such obituary takes place it makes everyone shocked. Ever since the people got acquainted with the news a wave of grief surrounded everyone, hence everyone is paying tribute to him on social media, and therefore, many heartfelt messages are being shared. In this hard time, everyone is supporting his family so that, they can bear the pain of his passing. Still, a few pieces of details are yet to arrive so whenever we will get we will make you acquainted for sure, so stay connected with us.


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