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Army Of The Dead Movie Review Netflix Find Out Audience Response Hit Or Flop


The Army of the dead has released on Netflix and making havoc among the die-hard fans of it and numerous reviews are coming from them. Uncounted people have stream it already and as per the sources, it’s being liked by the audience a lot because the director brought such an overwhelming story, which makes you astonished. Incredible action added by the makers in the movie along with the tremendous suspense which will be connected with at the end, because fantabulous reviews are coming through the audience.

Army Of The Dead netflix

When it comes to the story plot so in the movie you will watch that A.U.S Military convoy transporting a shipment Area 51 Bumped with the car on the highway. They release all weapons to protect themselves from the Zombies who have already infected and killed two soldiers from their convoy. Zombies fixed their target to attack the population of Las Vegas, after getting failed force intervention, and the government takes a decision to make the entire city quarantined.

Army Of The Dead Netflix

The movie will take you in a different world where everyone is facing a Zombie attack and trying their best to save themselves. As we have mentioned that first, they set their target in Las Vegas city, and later they are have been Sequestered Sin city and guarded-off along with strong iron grills and he containers of shipping. There is a ticking time bomb to explode in the LA city along with the Nuclear Bomb. So that, they can kill the entire Zombies and make their city safe from their attack.

This is where the ever-greedy humans enter due to massive collection of money in short treasure, then Scott Word enters in the story who saved the life of Defence Secratery for the Zombie attack. From the beginning of the movie, they connect a twist and horror angle which increases ahead of every minute. In the movie, they have shown all angles in the very finest way, which would make you surprised and you won’t able to blink your eyes off while the movie.

As per the recent sources, the movie does not have much follow-up as its name made the hype, because the audience wants to watch something overwhelming which makes them scared. Because when it comes to the movie which relates to Zombies, gives the assumption to the audience that the movie is going to horrific. But some flaws can reduce the curiosity of the audience due to some actions. Overall movie is getting a positive review from the audience and everyone has their different perception and reviews. So for more updates stay connected with us.


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