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Aryana Williams and American Dancer Choreographer Ofa Deelow Died Tragically


We lost our great personality and artist due to the strike of the tornado that hit the midwest and other regions, on Friday 2 march 2023. The two people we are talking about are Aryana Williams and Ofa Deelow who passed away. Aariyana Williams was a women’s basketball roster and Ofa  Deelow was an American dancer choreographer and her boyfriend. This information was confirmed by their family members that they are no more it is so heartbreaking and disheartening as one of their cousins posted about this information on Facebook post and show reverence to them.

Aryana Williams and Ofa Deelow

she said I hated that hour when a tornado came and took the life of my little cousin sister and her boyfriend.  the family will truly miss you and rest in peace my little cousin you both left the earth together we will never forget both of you. Let’s see what actually happened in Arkansas and in other regions, and states which are nearby Arkansas. A tornado erupted in the midwest and South on Friday night and many people were injured and died due to this. this tornado also wrenched Little Rock, Arkansas, and deracinated damaging a home.

According to the officials, 5 people died in Arkansas, Three in Indiana one in Illinois, one in Alabama, and one in Mississippi. the 57 reports of the tornado gave the information that it had been received sizable region which means an area of land that has common features. In Pulaski County, Arkansas one person died and more than 50 people were injured and hospitalized more people went to get treatment in the hospital this information is given by the County’s Emergency Management organization spoke man Madeline Roberts.

In addition, four individuals also died in Wayne, Arkansas during the strike of a tornado confirmed by Miles Kimble who was assisting in Wayne for ABC news. Because of this people have to live without electricity as they had a power outage of over 99000 homes and businesses in Indiana are without power and 84000 Minnesota.  Due to the devasting tornado, the Arkansas government declared an emergency.

Due to this tornado strike everything was destroyed in Arkansas and have a malfunction in everything that’s why the government of Arkans declared an emergency and said residents should stay in their houses and we try to get fix everything soon. Many officials are trying and making effort for the people who needs it and requested to other also they also help from each other as well they opened the center of donation in Wyne at 187 Murray Ave at 8 a.m. so they will begin to contribute, and rescue teams also expedite with three of their troops and medic one also dispatched for them.we will hope there all thing will recover soon.


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