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Ashley Salinas And Stephanie Guerra Crash Explained | Los Angeles Coroner’s Office Crash Details


There is shocking news coming forward related to a terrible Rollover accident and two teenage women also died in this incident. This accident incident is getting so much attention and rapidly running on the top of the news and internet. This accident attracts the interest of many people and netizens and now, they are curious to know more information related to his death. This accident took place on Thursday morning and there is a police investigation is also ongoing related to this accident incident. In this article, we shared the complete information and shared some more important points related to this accident.

The two women who passed away in this accident were identified as Stephanie who was 19 years old and Ashley Salinas who was 18 years old and they both were identified by the Office of Los Angeles Coroner. It is still not clear that is they wore seatbelts or not but the investigation is ongoing. It is said that the car was moving a speed but the exact news is not shared related to this accident.

Ashley Salinas and Stephanie Guerra Death Cause

They both died in their teenage years and their death news is not getting attention and popularity on the internet. There is not much information available about their personal life details. Scroll down and continue your reading to know more.

Ashley Salinas and Stephanie Guerra Death Cause

According to the police statements and reports, This accident occurred on Thursday 6 April 2023 at the time of the morning, and two women died in a solo vehicle Rollover crash in South Los Angeles on the 110 Freeway. After receiving the information about this complaint, Patrol reached the incident place at around 01:40 am and discovered the vehicle on its side. After the crash incident, Police took out both of them from the vehicle. They were stuck inside a Nissan four-door vehicle and the vehicle crashed into a freeway embankment and flipped.

This accident news went viral and ran in the trends of the internet and social media where many social media users are expressing their reaction to this incident. There are many people who are sharing their condolences with the deceased girl’s family and supporting their families during this painful time period. The cases of death in accidents are increasing day by day and the government needs to take some strict against this. The investigation continues about this accident but not much information has been shared related to this accident incident.


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