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Ashton Torgerson Car Accident CCTV Footage Video Chili Bowl Crash Teen Ejected From Car


There is a piece of news coming out that Ashton Torgerson was ejected from his seat in the accident at Chili Bowl. He is 16 years old and he is most popular as a car race driver. Now, he is gathering so much attention on the internet and various pages of social media where netizens share their responses to this incident. He was injured in the crash incident and here in this article, we are going to share whole related to him and also discuss some other information about this incident so read continuously.

Ashton Torgerson

This accident was done during the Lucas Oil Chili Bowls Nationals that is also can be said as an indoor midget car race, and this took place annually in Tulsa Oklahoma on the night of Wednesday 11 January 2023 when he was going to complete his 11th lap at this event. His car took a scary flip that resulted in him being ejected from his vehicle. He was in the 7th position in that race at the time of the crash and his vehicle started a barrel roll for several flips after hitting the outside retaining wall. Rescuers suddenly rushed to rescue him and he was awake after his accident incident.

He was immediately transferred to the hospital in an ambulance while his condition was stable. The ambulance stayed at the center of the track for a little time while stabilizing the patient for the ride across the dirt track. Now he has been admitted to a hospital and he feels pain in his hands and feet and has cleared his tests so far and also shared a tweet in which he shared a message about his current health condition. There is a video available of his accident indent on various pages of social media which is gaining too much attention.

He was born on 24 June 2005 and finished his education at the Crater Lake Academy and shares Kyle Larson as his idol. Last year he became the winner of the Adobe Mountain Speedway and he was participating in the Chili Bowls this week with his midget car but he met an unexpected accident in which he was heavily injured. This is shocking news for his fans and they are praying for him and his good health condition. There are so many people sharing their responses to his death and sharing various relief thoughts by commenting and posting to his family at this painful moment through the medium of social media.


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