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ATBA Apna Time Bhi Aayega 9th August 2021 Episode: Rani Falls From The Building, Will Veer Gets Rani?


As you all have watched in the previous episode that Ranvijay tied Rani with a chair while Digivjay hits him and says Rani to leave and to go to Veer because she has to reach Veer as it is mandatory to unveil the real face of Ranvijay. Now in tonight’s episode, you will watch, Ranvijay looks around for Rani and she manages to flee away. There Vikram stops Veer and asks him that where is he going? He replies that he is going to the hospital, Vikram asks if everything is fine? He then asks about Rani.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Veer says that she went somewhere with dad but it’s been a while both are not picking up the call and this is very strange, Vikram asks that what is strange in this. He tells that he called Rani but she did not pick that up and when he called dad Rani picked and was shouting his name again and again, and now both phones are switched off. Vikram says him not to worry as Ranvijay is with her and perhaps the phone’s battery would be dead therefore their phones are switched off, Veer thinks something and leaves. There, Rani tries to escape and reached the edge of that building, she thinks that where should she go now. Ranvijay roams in the building chanting Rani’s name, he says “where are you Rani, you better know that I will find you, and once I got you, I’ll punish you worse than you think”.

On the other side, Veer is on his way to the hospital but suddenly his car gets punctured, he gets off the car and changes the tire with his own. Rani from the building sees him and Ranvijay as well. Ranvijay thinks that he has to find Rani before she sees him. Rani screams his name Veer… Veer hears that but he thinks that it is happening because he is thinking about her. Ranvijay comes to Rani and puts his hand on her mouth.

Veer changes the tire and sits in his car, Rani again screams his name but he does not hear, though he feels that Rani is in danger and calling him. Rani messes with Ranvijay meanwhile, she falls from the building and gets injured in the head. Her head starts to bleed, Veer stops his car and feels so strange and bad. Now, watching this will be so suspenseful that will Rani gets to Veer or Will Veer find her? Will Ranvijay get Unveiled or not? Stay tuned with us to know more and don’t forget to watch the complete episode tonight at the right time.


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