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ATBA Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode 19th August 2021 Update: What Veer shows Rani


The latest episode of ATBA begins with, Rani coming to the venue keeping a veil, Veer runs behind her. Meanwhile, “Ankho Ki Gustakhiyan” plays, Rani sits with another girl and stands to dance, she goes and starts to vibe on the song around Veer. Veer tries to run somehow and he holds her hand and takes her aside, he lifts her veil and tells her that he told her she will lose. She smiles saying she knew it that she is going to lost but the happy thing is, she can lose from him, he takes her somewhere saying he wants to show her something.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

There, Vikram meets Kiara in for some case, she looks at him awkwardly saying “it a long time” He smiles too saying yes! Both stand silently in a weird moment. Vikram says that he has started the paperwork for the divorce but it will take a bit moment. She smiles, saying “I’m sorry I’ve done so many bad things and hurt your heart”. He replies “it is all up to you if you want to be separate”. Kiara asks him for a coffee, Vikram nods “sure”. Both get cold coffee. Kiara sips and thinks back to the time when she used to be with Vikram and Rajeshwari where once Rajeshwari told him that she chose her for Veer only. Kiara asks him if he told Rani Sa about they are together because she won’t like them meeting again.

Suddenly, Vikram laughs, she looks at him and asks why is he laughing. He replies, he was just thinking about their wedding that how weird the time was, he then says “at that time we were not in our senses and tied the knot and today getting separated and in our complete senses”. Unfortunately, Kajri comes there and sees them together, she comes angrily and shoves Vikram saying “wow boy, you said that you have some work and you are standing here with this weirdo, is this the work you went out of the house?” Kiara looks at her and asks, who are you? Kajri replies that she is a guest, Kiara replies the same as she is also a guest.

Kajri screams at Vikram and asks “you did not want to enjoy yourself with us therefore you made an excuse and came here” she then says “is she your girlfriend?” Vikram says her to button her lips and do not create a scene as everyone is looking at them. He says her to go and sit in the car, he leaves looking angrily at Kiara, Vikram leaves too apologizing to her. The episode ends, to know what happened next, watch the episode tonight and stay connected to us to read more episode updates.


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