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Hello, all the entertainment lovers, Mokshita is back with another instalment of her one of the most famous and entertaining show Atithi in the house. So, after Lolita PG House, Atithi in the house has become the second-fastest show to deliver its three parts back to back and that’s too in the same month. Whereas two of the show are even released in the same week. The first part of the show has released on 16 April while the second part of the show released on 20th April. Although both the parts of the show emerge as a great hit on the streaming site.

Atithi In House Part 3

As we have seen that the lead actress Mokshita steal the limelight of the show in both of the instalments of the show. But now, the makers are enhancing the glamour of the show as we are going to see two new sizzling entries of the actresses going to retain the entertainment in the upcoming season. Well, the trailer of the third season of the show has been premiered on the day after its second part released. It is sure that the frequent release of the show will be proved lucrative for the upcoming season.

In the previous seasons, we have watched that Mokshita is providing pleasure to all of her paying guests. But this time there are some other paying guests who are all set to give the same pleasure to Mokshita’s husband. In the initial parts, we have seen that Mokshita and the paying guests are attracting towards each other. They also enjoyed the physical intimacy that happened between them due to the immense attraction and situations of Mokshita. The audience has seen the same in the first and second season of Atithi in the house.

But, now the makers are coming with a big difference as this time along with Mokshita. But still, it has been assumed that Mokshita Raghav will retain her magic in the fantabulous upcoming part. The trailer of the third part has been released on 22 April 2021 and it has been slated for its digital release on 24th April 2021. So, we suggest all the subscribers of the show catch the show from the release date and enjoy the fascinating show. We will get back to you with the release on any streaming site providing its premium content for free till then stay tuned with Social Telecast for Atithi in the house part 3.


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