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Atithi In House Part 5 Review Full Episode Kooku Web Series Actress Name Age Wiki Biography


Athithi In House Part 5 is coming along with its upcoming instalment on the fantabulous streaming site Kooku. Well, this time the show is gearing up for its 5th season scheduled to release on 2 May 2021. The show is again coming with another twist, as the previous guest of the house is a family. This time two girls named Niharika and Malini are coming as the paying guest in the house. Well, both the girls seem quite mysterious since the time of their arrival. The owner of the house introduces the paying guests to the rest of the family.

Atithi In House Part 5 Review Full Episode Kooku Web Series Actress Name Age Wiki Biography

The trailer of the show released on 29th April 2021 and come up with an entirely new story. Well, the new paying guest Malini and Niharika have a physical relation as both are homosexual. One of the girls is unaware of her reality before that night she spent with her roommate. As both the girl are quite loud, the mother in law of Khushi that it was Khushi who is enjoying along with her husband. The next day she suggests Khusi keep control of herself as you are living in a joining family.

But Malini and Niharika keep their relation continue with each other. But after some time their reality comes out in front of everyone. The member of the house later arranged an in-house meeting and they all criticised the girls. But it hasn’t seen in the trailer of Atithi In House Part 5 that they discard them from the house. The trailer of the show has fetched 134,706 views along with 2K likes. Well, Mokshita is reprising her role as Khusi in the upcoming show and it is again trending on the streaming site with its tempting sequence.

Except for Malini and Niharika, the entire cast is reprising their role in the show. This time again we are going to witness lots of alluring sequences of Mokshita Raghav. This time two more female lead are coming to enchant the audience with their superb performance of all the female lead. It is sure that the ongoing season will again emerge as a blockbuster and raise the hype of the franchise. All the subscribers of the show get all the latest episode of the show on Kooku. We will get back to you the streaming site providing the previous parts of the show for free. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Athithi In House Part 5.


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