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Australian Survivor: Brains vs Brawn Ep 12 Recap Week 4 Winners & Losers Episode 13


Hello, all the entertainment lovers, we all know that Australian broadcasters always come out of the box to woo the audience. Most of the time the experiments triumph and then they get adopted worldwide. Australian Survivor is one of such ongoing shows enthraling the audience with its daredevil concept. Well, this is the eighth edition of the show titled Brain vs Brawn commenced on 24th April 2021 and has aired a total of 48 episodes so far. The ongoing edition took place at Cloncurry, Queensland. So, like always it comes up with all new concepts and amusing the audience.

Australian Survivor Brains vs Brawn 2021

Well, the ongoing season of Australian Survivor: Brains vs Brawn fetched a total of 12 people split into two groups on behalf of characteristics. One of the groups is named Brains referred to as intellectuals and smart whereas Brawn referred to strength. So, in the recent episodes, we saw that all the survivors face ups and downs of their tasks and cope with the situations to survive. The latest episode of the show just woos all the fans with another captivating task.

Harley gave a wonderful performance as the Tribal Council, he surely steals the show with his impeccable performance. Cora is still beside Harley even in the silent moments. The new tribe has generated a tense atmosphere among George and Wai due to the last vote. In the prior episode, we have watched the lower moments of the social game. The episode was absolutely captivating and entertaining and all the participants make it just even much more engrossing.

Hayley again comes up by covering all the aspects of the game and gaining an all-rounder title. She is posses with a highly active mind that know when and how to react according to the situation. She is always ready with strategies to tackle the situation. She even showcases her physical strength in a wrestling competition against an MMA fighter Chelsea.

Besides, all the episodes managed to thrive on the small screen. In addition to this, an All-Star edition featuring former contestants aired in initial 2020. The second edition was planned with the civilian players assumed for later in 2020, but the production halt due to the Pandemic. The ongoing season was produced in mid-2021 in an Outback location near the town of Cloncurry, Queensland. Tune in to TVNZ OnDemand and enjoy all the new episodes. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Australian Survivor Brain vs Brawn.


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