Home Entertainment Baakiyalakshmi Tamil Serial Latest Episode 1st July 2021: Ishwari Scolds Selvi

Baakiyalakshmi Tamil Serial Latest Episode 1st July 2021: Ishwari Scolds Selvi


Tonight’s episode begins with, Ramamoorthy and Cheziyan are at Selvi’s house where she serves them tea. Everyone returns back to the home, where Ishwari gets excited to see Ramamoorthy and he complains to her that Selvi is not feeding him well. Ishwari scolds Selvi for this. Cheziyan looks at Jenny meanwhile Iniya notices him. Byakuya and Gopi come there and Selvi greets them happily. Gopinath asks him about his father’s health and ignores Cheziyan. Ezhil says Selvi to get him a coffee because he is having some headache.

Baakiyalakshmi Tamil Serial Latest Episode 1st July 2021: Ishwari Scolds Selvi

Baakiya says that she was driving the entire journey, Selvi asks did they took one car? Ishwari laughs and complaints that Cheziyan took only one car therefore they all had to adjust to sitting in that. Cheziyan apologizes for choosing only one car as he did not think before choosing that. Ezhil says that he only thinks about himself and does not care about others. Cheziyan tries to talk to Gopi but he avoids him and goes from there. Ishwari scolds him for not talking to her. Both Gopi and Ishwari avoid Cheziyan completely.

Jenny tries to talk with him but he avoids her and leaves. Ramamoorthy says that he just got to know about everything that has happened, he says them to be normal and not to get angry at him as Cheziyaan is always that way. Ishwari says Ramamoorthy that he should not support him, Jenny leaves and goes to her room. She goes and tries to talk to Cheziyaan. She says that she thought now his anger will get down but there is nothing like that. He replies that no one understands him, in spite of everything still his parents are not talking to him and Ishwari is also angry at him along with his parents.

Jenny says him it’s okay as nobody is talking to him but she what her fault in this, why is he ignoring her? He gets to rattle on her question and says that it is all her fault. He says that just because of her he lost his house and parents as well because she created that issue and made it bigger. He says that they would have been celebrating the big news but just because of her they have lost everything. He further says that he had so many dreams for her and after their marriage whom he wanted to make true but everything has ruined now. He says that he used to be so calm and live in peace but now he is not able to bear everything. Jenny gets a teary eye. The episode ends here. Stay tuned to read more updates.


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