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Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 8th September 2021 Written Episode: Priya Chases Ram In The Hotel


The upcoming episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 starts where you will watch that Ram reaches the hotel and spontaneously sees Vedika there, which was quite unexpected for him. Therefore he goes to talk to her while Priya is following him because she saw him there and decide to chase and get to know what is going on there. Meanwhile, Ram meets Vedika, and both converse with each other, and extempore Vedika asks Ram if the Priya is the girl for whom they are finding a perfect boy, and he wants to fix her alliance with Kunal, but Priya is listening everything that Ram organized the meeting to fix her date with Kunal.

Another side, Priya Inwardly wonders that Ram did the meeting only for the sake of her because he wants her to get a date with Kunal. Uncounted things are going on in his mind because she did not expect it from Ram at all, further, says that if she will need any alliance in the future so she will think about that. But as far as she has concerned Ram should do his work besides these things, In short, she is not understanding that what is going on around her. Meantime, Ram leaves the place and when Priya sees it she also decides to leave it as soon as possible.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 Written Episode

As the viewers have watched in the previous episode, that Maitri and Sara get into an argument regarding Akki’s matter. Meanwhile, Meera mentions that Priya did not tie the knot with anyone because of you your father. But Maitri says that if Priya had broken up with Neeraj so it’s not her fault, meanwhile Meera interrupts her by saying that once Priya will get married then her all sins will vanish properly. Meanwhile, Sara says that it would be a miracle if Priya gets a partner, spontaneously Priya enters there and asks what she was saying. She overturns the topic and says that Cucumber is a miracle of vegetable that contains health benefits.

Another side, Nandini is finding her sister-in-law and meanwhile, she sees Vedika and greets her as well, Vedika asks about Sid and Shivi. Meanwhile, Vedika makes a call to Ram and invites him to dinner tonight, and he wonders that once gets good food it will make his life also good. on the other hand, Maitri got a new dress for Priya and asks her to wear it, Priya asks why she should wear it what is going on in her mind. At the same time she gets Akki’s call and informs her that he is shortlisted, so do not miss watching it at the correct time on Sony Television and for more updates stay connected with us.


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