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Bade Acche Lagte Hai BALH 2 Episode 2nd Nov 2021 Written Update Priya Rebukes Ram Badly


The 2nd November episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 begins where Priya and Ram get into an argument, where Priya asks him to stop whatever he is going to do because he if breaks Akki and Shivina’s wedding so they will get hurt a lot and it would have the worst consequences. Meanwhile, Ram questions her that how could she know about his plan and the timing. but Priya replies that it does not matter here at all, because he is going to execute such inappropriate plans, and unless she is here he can not do anything against them.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2

At the same time, Ram asks her to shut for a while because she does not know the exact truth behind his activities, so it will be if she does not interfere here. Meanwhile, Priya starts rebuking him by saying that Shivina and Akki matter for her a lot and for their happiness, she can break all limits, therefore she will not let him do such things he is planning. Meantime, Ram wonders that Priya cares about her close ones and trusts them because of this, she does not want to be familiarized with the truth, but he will have to do something.

After a while, Brinda and Adi take place there and asks what happened why they are arguing up to the next level, whose sound is hitting the bricks outside too. Meanwhile, she asks Ram and Priya about recent circumstances which became the cause of their argument. Then they come back to their residence where Nandini comes to Ram and make him acquaint that Shivina and Akshay have eloped, Ram gets shocked and at the same time wonders, that he should not consider her, because his telepathy is not ready to accept this.

Previously, the viewers have watched that Ram was trying to enter the wedding spot but meanwhile, Priya comes to stop him by saying that why he is doing such things that can approve the worst for their families. When she makes him away he holds her hands and drags towards him because of which, she got misbalanced and falls on Ram. In short, a romantic moment takes place between the two, and meanwhile both wonder that whenever they come close to each other a strange feeling surrounds them. Hence both stand and start arguing with each other, so watch it at the correct time on Sony and for further details connect with us.


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