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Bade Acche Lagte Hai BALH 2 Today’s Written Update 13th September 2021 Episode


Hey readers, we are back with the exclusive updates of your favorite daily soap Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2, so the 13th September 2021 episode begins, where Priya informs Ram that show would like to meet him as soon as possible, so please share his location to her. Sonakshi inwardly wonders that she will have to unleash everything in front of him whatever their family wants. Because of any alliance build-up, on the truth, so without any ado, she needs to meet him so that, she can make him familiar with the truth Dev shares her the correct location.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2

After a while, Sonakshi reaches att the hotel because he sent her the location and says that he will meet her here, hence, she arrives there and spontaneously sees him. Then she goes to him for the meeting, he unleashes everything about his past because she needs to know everything before making any decision about herself. Hence, He tells her that he had married in the past and loved his wife a lot. Meanwhile, says that he does not want to marry anyone at all, but his sister Sivina is forcing him to marry him. Therefore he will have to marry someone because he can not see her sad.

After a while, Priya informs him that she also to see her brother Akshay to get married as soon as possible, because he needs a partner now. Further, she says that she cares for her brother wholeheartedly, and therefore unless he gets married she can not even think about marriage. Because first, she wants him to get married so that, her responsibilities can end soon and while conversing to each other about their personal life both agree to marry each other. Priya inwardly thinks plenty of things but does not pretend on her face but Ram can feel everything.

In the previous episode, as we have watched that Akki sends a message to Shivi and asks Priya to not fight anyone. Meanwhile, Priya gets misunderstanding while hearing Ram’s voice and thinks that he made Akki’s work canceled. Therefore, she goes to Ram and starts arguing with him and says that she knows he is the reason for Akki’s removal from the movie. But meanwhile, he comes and makes her understand that nothing is like as she is thinking, Ram did not do anything. So do not miss watching it on Sony Television at 08:00 PM and for more details connect with us.


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