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Bade Ache Lagte Hain 2 6th September 2021 Written Episode: Raj Sees Shivi Leaving In Taxi


The makers of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain season 2 are trying their best to make the serial way inserting so that they can attract their audience and as the show has just started saying this won’t be bad, the show is getting much love from the audience. Well, talking about tonight’s episode so the episode begins with, Priya and Mahender talking to the bank’s branch manager. Mahender says her to go and ask Akki to help Raj otherwise their bakery will go away.

Priya says that she will not let the bakery go at any cost and she will pay each and every single penny of EMI by working hard. The manager agrees with her. There, Shivi leaves the function and gets her luggage, Raj sees her leaving in a taxi and tries to stop her but she leaves. Meanwhile, Sid Slaps him and everyone turns around to see after hearing the slap sound. Nandini rushes towards them and asks what happened? Sid asks her about Shivina, Ram looks around to see her, he replies that she is not here, Raj replies that Shivina has run away and he saw her fleeing. He then says that he knew the guy and his family because the guy is the cousin of his stepsister and he really does not know about this before.

Bade Ache Lagte Hain Written Episode

Meanwhile, Nandini gets a message and she gets to know that it was sent from Shivi. She thinks that how can Shivi does this stupidity when she and Ram both know about her affair already. Shubham calls Sid there and says that he thinks someone is trapping Shivi, Raj again jumps between saying he knows about who is behind this. They ask him who? He replies Priya… Shashi comes there and agrees with Sid saying he is right she can do this.

Ram gets annoyed and says that they should inform the police about this, as he will get to know about Shivi anyhow, he blames himself for the incident and leaves the venue with his friends. Adi there standing says that Ram will soon find the one who really loves him and she will not insult him. Meanwhile, Ram goes to Priya’s house and knocks on the door, Priya’s mother comes and opens the door, Ram sees Shivina inside the house and sighs, Priya comes out and asks him that who is he. The episode ends here, to know what happened next stay connected with us and watch the complete episode tonight at the right time. Let’s see how soon will Ram and Priya meet and their story begins.


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