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Balcony Buddies Film Review Watch Online On MX Player: Star Cast Real Names


Amol Parashar and Aisha Ahmed starrer “Balcony Buddies” is going to be so amazing and no doubt that it is going to be as adorable as the thumbnail and the title as well. The Indian Romance-Drama film is all set to occupy your screens with the outstanding concept that will make you feel about the time that has passed away last year and if you are not one of those who live alone having an apartment so don’t worry because you have a heart that will relate it to the concept and no doubt you will relate it for once because those who have lived this know the feeling and those who have not lived, wants to.

balcony buddies

The show has been directed by Debatma Mandal and produced by Jude Fernandes. The makers of the show have released a trailer clip twice and both trailers got too much love from the audience and the view ratio on the trailer is enough to show the excitement of the audience that how keenly they are waiting for this to be on the screen. The special thing about the show is that here you won’t see any other person except the two because the story is all about lockdown which was not good for everyone but some turned the disaster into an opportunity and it will showcase what happens when two bachelors met each other from their balcony while pandemic.

Balcony Buddies Cast

Amol Parashar as Prateek
Aisha Ahmed as Sunanda

The makers of the show have released two trailers of the show one is about 40 seconds and the latest one is about 1 minute 3 seconds. The first trailer was out on the 23rd of July which got more than 33k views and the main trailer got more than 15k views that were dropped on the MX Player’s official Youtube channel on the 27th of July. The show is all about a quirky romantic tickling story because it will showcase how two bachelors who live in their flats met each other in the midst of lockdown at the time when they stand in their balcony.

Well, shooting your excitement down, at the beginning of the trailer you will watch our lead actors standing in their balcony where Sunanda standing and doing Yoga while Prateek watches her and tries to copy her. They start talking with a handmade mobile phone that kids make and then the strangers turn into friends and soon into couples. Well, the story is too adorable to watch so be ready to experience a very cute love story on 1st of August on your MX Player.


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