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(BALH) Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 Written Update 10th Sept 2021: Ram Proposes Priya


The coming episode of Bade Acche Lagte Hai brought enthusiastic twists along with high-voltage drama, where you will watch that Meera decided to talk to Nandini. Therefore, she wonders that she should meet her as soon as she can because only Nandini can help her in this matter. Then she goes to her residence and meets her and informs that she is ready to accept Ram and Priya’s wedding proposal. At the same time, says that she will not have any problem with their alliance at all, Nandini also thinks that how strange Meera is behaving.

BALH Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2 Written Update 10th Sept 2021 Ram Proposes Priya

Then Meera asks her to make a call to Ram because only he can stamp on this alliance Nandini says that she will make him call, but now he would busy. So later whenever she will get information that he is free, she will ask him about his wedding with Priya. But Meera forces her to make the call right now, then she makes a call to him and asks will he marry Priya and is ready to build up their alliance with her for the sake of Shivina. Ram replies positively and says that he is ready to marry her, so do not worry about that.

After a while, Nandini informs Meera that she talked to Ram and he replied positively that he does not have any problem while, making the alliance with Priya. Meera gets happy and wonders that everything is going on as same as she wants, On the other side, Priya makes a call to Ram and asks him to meet her as soon as possible. Because she wants to discuss with him, so just tell her when she can meet him in the office or somewhere else. Meanwhile, he proposes to Priya and asks that will she marry him and she gets shocked because spontaneously he asked her.

In the previous episode, as we have watched that Sara informs them that they are going to tell you everything and just waiting for the correct time. But Sandy replies that she is ready to make an alliance with Ram because he is such a nice gentleman. Priya is listening to everything and asks her that she is joking right, but she says that she is not joking she likes Ram a lot. Meanwhile, Meera sees Ram’s mother along with Nandini while coming there, so do not miss watching it on Sony Television and for more details connect with us.


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