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Barrister Babu 10th August 2021 Written Episode: Anirudh Confesses His Love To Bondita


The latest episode of barrister Babu starts with Anirudh. His hands shake when he picks up the clothes. Triilochan notices that and reminds him of the betrayal that Bondita gave to him. He asks him to remember the lies Bondita told him. Anirudh thinks and picks up the Saree. Though, junior Bondita arrives and tells him that he was the person that filled her life with beautiful colours and tells him to fill the colours again in Bondita’s life and says that if he didn’t, there won’t be any colours in her life.

Sampoorna takes the Saree and makes Bondita wears it. She orders to take Bondita away and remove all of her pieces of jewellery and punish this spy. Bondita gets sad hearing the word spy and asks Sampoorna why isn’t she punishing her as she had taught her so many things. Sampoorna tells her that she indeed taught her a lot and even had talked about her that how lovely she is but after knowing she had betrayed the family, she is willing to remove her Shringar and saying that Sampoorna removes the jewellery. They remove her bangles and make her wear the white saree. Bondita cries.

Barrister Babu Written Episode

Chandrachur arrives there and announces that he will not let her spend her life being a Sanyasini. He says that he will marry her and fill her life with colours. Here, Trilochan talks about how Sanyasinis don’t have the right to speak and states that he will not let Anirudh talk to her. Trilochan adds that burning coal will be put inside Bondita’s mouth so that her voice can be snatched and that they can’t tell Anirudh about it as Bondita is his weakness. Somnath drops the vase. Trilochan turns around to find Anirudh standing there.

Anirudh decides to talk to all the Sanyasinis and ask how could they spend their entire life being away from everyone. He thinks to talk to Bondita once. After reaching there, Bondita asks Anirudh to look at her and see her in this Avatar. Anirudh refuses to look at her. Bondita tells him that her life is not as colourless as his name is enough to add colours. She brings a mirror and holds it in front of Anirudh. The latter gets angry seeing Bondita and breaks the mirror.

Bondita asks him to clear her allegations and tell the villagers that she is not a spy and came only for the love. She asks him if he doesn’t love her. Anirudh says that he doesn’t love her and announces that he hates her. Bondita tells him that he is lying as she knows that he loves her and is just hesitating to express it. At last, Anirudh confesses his love to Bondita making the latter smile. She asks him to tell the truth to everyone and end the enmity between the village. Barrister Babu written update ends here.


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