Home Entertainment Barrister Babu 10th June 2021 Full Written Update: Anirudh Defeats Thakurma

Barrister Babu 10th June 2021 Full Written Update: Anirudh Defeats Thakurma


The recent episode of Barrister Babu begins where Anirudh sits along with Bondita and they start studying, but meanwhile, Thakurmaa comes and looks at them and wonders that since she allowed Anirudh to come here, he has become fearless which she does not like at all. Inwardly she is getting angry to look at them together, and Bondita first time enters Anirudh’s house for study. Spontaneously expresses her rage by saying that all her plans have been done but the water had turned and her plan also failed.

Barrister Babu 10th June 2021 Full Written Update: Anirudh Defeats Thakurma

Then Thakurmaa thinks that by hook or by crook she will have to create such circumstances which make distances between them. But Anirudh is also too smart and knows Thakurmaa’s all intentions, therefore he is taking all steps sagaciously because he knows that Thakurma is scared and can not do anything against them. Which now Anirudh has to take advantage of by continuing Bondita’s study, because its a golden chance for him. Then Bondita meets Trilochan and gets happy meantime, she expresses her precious feelings towards him.

After that, Trilochan makes her sit by saying it’s been a long time having met her and finally, their daughter-in-law has come into their house. Then Trilochan praises Anirudh’s all-actions through which he got back his Daughter-in-law by saying that he is too glad. Because now Thakurma does not have any conspiracy to make them separate again, because, through Anirudh’s actions, Thakurma is helpless and is compelled to obey her as she has no other ways, and it could be the part of Anirudh’s victory over Thakurmaa.

Then Anirudh makes Bondita believe that no matter what happens but this time he will definitely make her studies continue, and says this time he won’t let Thakurmaa comes in her way to become Barrister for sure. After hearing this, Bondita’s happiness knows no bounds because now no one will bother her from studying. Bondita wonders that everything will be sorted out soon as Anirudh is doing the favour of her, and she hopes that everyone will go as same as they are thinking.

As per the recent sources, an incredible twist will take place in the show because Anirudh set to enrol her in a prominent university, which will liberate her the right path of study and help her to become a barrister. But as everyone knows that Thakurmaa does not want to see her graduate at any cost, so she will definitely make some conspiracy against her to ruin her career and future. But Anirudh also too stubborn and will definitely enrol her, so do not forget to watch it on Colors at 08:30 PM, and for more updates stay connected with us.


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