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Barrister Babu 12th June 2021 Episode: Trilochan Apologizes To Thakurma?


In the upcoming episode of Barrister Babu begins Bondita says that she talked to Anirudh that he will definitely convince Trilochan, and makes apologizes to her for sure. Therefore he goes to him and tries to convince him by saying that for the sack of him he should apologize to her because already circumstances have become worst. So now they have to manage the situation, because it’s directly affecting Bondita’s studies which are not appropriate enough. Hence, he will have to apologize to her but he does not want to apologize to her.

Barrister Babu today's episode

Then Trilochan’s eyes fill with tears and say that for the sake of her and him he can do anything, no matter what happens because he can not see them in this condition. So he agrees with him, and Anirudh takes him to her mansion so that, the circumstances can come under control. After a while, they reach her mansion and enters inside meanwhile, Anirudh calls her and says that he brought Trilochan to apologizes to her so please come fast.

After that, Thakurmaa stops him by saying that it’s a too-easy way to apologize which she does not like. So he will have to do something different than she will accept his apology, otherwise, she will never forgive him at any cost. Then she declares that he will have to sit on a donkey instead of a horse and has to put black color on his face, then she can think to accept his apology. So if he is ready to accept whatever she is saying, so he can start that.

Because she knows that he will never accept this and it could be beneficial for her to make Bondita and Anirudh separate forever. In short, she is taking revenge on them for all the stuff which she faced recently, but after hearing this Anirudh gets angry and says that it’s not appropriate enough. Meanwhile, Anirudh expresses her rage, by saying that he brought him here so that, he can apologize because he thought that he did wrong with her but he was wrong.

Then Anirudh says that he got to know that why she is doing all this because she wants to take revenge for her dishonor. But she forgot that Bondita’s life is getting affected by this kind of behavior with her, and says that he will never let her do this. Then says that he will also inform Bondita about her activities, so that, she can stop trusting her. Because she is inflaming Bondita against Anirudh, so do not forget to watch it on Colors at 08:30 Pm and for more updates connect with us.


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